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Perth dad furious after daughter given 'disgusting' Father's Day gift from teacher



Warning: This story contains details and content that some readers may find distressing.

A Perth dad has been left furious after his daughter brought a Father's Day gift home from school that "promotes suicide".

The gift was a printed activity dice, offering options it claimed to cheer up dads when they were in a bad mood. One of the options was "a bullet [to] take when all else fails".

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Trent Howard said he was "disgusted" that his six-year-old daughter was given such an item from a teacher at Connolly Primary School.

"To create this, and distribute this, disgusting," he said.

"'If you've had enough, shoot yourself', what else [could that be interpreted to] say.

"I have a weird sense of humour, [but] that's not part of any sense of humour to anybody."

Mr Howard's wife, Renea Howard, said the teacher told her it was meant to be taken as a joke.

"They wanted to be funny, that was my interpretation of what the teacher had said to me. It wasn't funny," she said.

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Psychologist Bailey Bosch said the gift could be damaging to both parents and students.

"Children can take things very literally, it can play on their minds, they might not have the language to articulate what's distressing them,' she said.

"Let's also remember there are adults around that could be completely triggered by some words such as bullets or death."

The Department of Education told 9News that the activity was "clearly not thought through" and "showed a serious lack in judgement".

The school has also apologised to parents.

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MensLine Australia 1300 78 99 78.

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