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Perrottet declares himself the underdog, promises 'future fund' for kids



NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has launched the NSW Liberals' election campaign, declaring himself the underdog and promising to set up a "future fund" for children aged 10 and under to set aside money for their home deposits or their education.

Come election day on March 25, Perrottet will be attempting to defy a national swing towards Labor and the Greens.

New South Wales and Tasmania are currently the only states with a Liberal-led Coalition government in power.

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"Let me decree we enter this race as the underdog," Perrottet said.

"But just like in 2011, the people of NSW now face a choice to go backwards under Labor or to take NSW heading in the right direction."

Perrottet used his election launch in south west Sydney today to pledge $1.2 billion to build and upgrade public schools, announcing a new selective school in Box Hill.

The premier also pledged to set up "future fund accounts" this year for all children in NSW aged 10 and under. 

The NSW Government will deposit an initial $400 into each account, and match parent contributions of up to $400 each year.

"With that $400 matched contribution, each child's account will grow to $28,000 by the time they turn 18," Perrottet said.

"This policy is a down payment to secure the future dreams of our children," he said.

They will have the choice to spend that cash on a home deposit, or put it towards their education, Perrottet said.

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Helen Perrottet introduces her husband, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, to the stage.

Addressing the party faithful, Perrottet sought to play up his party's credentials as strong economic managers. 

Perrottet said NSW was facing an uncertain economic future.

"Inflation is rising, countries across the globe are facing recession. Businesses are worried and jobs are at risk. Just last week, the Reserve Bank increased interest rates for the 10th consecutive time," he said.

"What does that mean for families with an average mortgage, as monthly repayments will be $1,500 higher than they were a year ago?

"Labor has no plan to navigate these headwinds and their lack of economics will only make things worse."

The Liberals are campaigning under the tagline "Keep NSW moving forward".

Introducing her husband to the stage, Perrottet's wife Helen said he was a dedicated and loving father-of-seven.

"He's the man I see up before dawn every day checking the headlines. Solving the big issues like where the missing shoe is, or why Amelia has peanut butter on her toast instead of Vegemite," Helen Perrottet said.

Former Prime Minister John Howard and his wife Janette were guests of honour at the launch.

Current federal opposition leader Peter Dutton was a notable absence at the event.

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