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Pantry staple sold nationwide recalled over salmonella fears



A pantry item sold nationwide has been recalled due to salmonella contamination fears.

The Ceres Organics Australia Hulled Tahini and Unhulled Tahini 300g have been recalled over concerns it could contain the bacteria.

The products were sold in Woolworths and IGA stores across New South Wales and in Victoria IGA stores.

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Hulled Tahini 300g jars with the following best-before dates could possibly be contaminated:

25/05/2023, 22/08/2023 and 01/08/2024

Unhulled Tahini 300g jars with the following best-before dates could also be contaminated:

25/05/2023 and 22/08/2023

The products were also sold by independent food retailers in the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia – as well as online nationally.

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Consumers are being warned to not eat the product and to seek medical advice if they have already eaten it.

If consumed, foods contaminated with salmonella may cause severe gastroenteritis.

Symptoms may start between six hours and seven days after infection and include fever, diarrhoea and loss of appetite.

Most patients diagnosed with salmonella recover with fluid replacement programs and generally do not require antibiotics.

The items can be returned to their place of purchase for a full refund.

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