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Outdoor fridges recalled over fears they may catch fire



An urgent recall has been issued for two types of fridge due to concerns they may catch fire.

The single and double-door version of the Electrolux Beefeater outdoor refrigerators BS28200 and BS28130 should be unplugged immediately.

Water can penetrate the sealed electrical control board at the back of the fridge, potentially causing a fire.

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Fridges with serial numbers 72900000 to 95299999 and 00100000 to 04599999 are affected.

People owning such fridges should immediately turn them off, unplug them, and contact Electrolux for repair.

A service technician will fix the fridge free of charge, Product Safety Australia said.

The fridges have been sold nationwide as well as overseas.

The Electrolux outdoor refrigerators have been recalled.

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