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NY prosecutors preparing criminal charges against Trump



Prosecutors in New York are gearing up to charge Donald Trump over his role in paying hush money to a pornographic actress he had an affair with, the New York Times is reporting.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office have offered Trump a chance to testify before a grand jury, the usual final step before indicting a suspect.

Trump would be charged with falsifying business records, after a US$130,000 (A$197,000) payment to Stormy Daniels was written off as a legal expense.

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If the charge is pursued as a felony case, Trump could face jail for a maximum of four years, though no prison time is also possible.

Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen has already been jailed in connection with the hush payments made to Daniels as well as Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Both were paid so they would not disclose their affairs with Trump.

Cohen is meeting with the district attorney's office on Friday, the Washington Post reports.

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Donald Trump with Karen McDougal. (Twitter)

A Trump spokesperson decried the investigation.

"For the past five years, the DA's office has been on a Witch Hunt, investigating every aspect of President Trump's life, and they've come up empty at every turn – and now this," the spokesperson was quoted as saying.

"It's an embarrassment to the Democrat prosecutors, and it's an embarrassment to New York City."

District Attorney Alvin Bragg was elected to the position as a Democrat.

Daniels was paid the hush money after she threatened to go public about her tryst with Trump in 2006.

Donald Trump has been investigated for several years over hush money paid to a pornographic actress he had an affair with.

She has since gone into great detail about the encounters.

Trump is also facing potential criminal charges in Georgia, where he pressured the Secretary of State to find enough votes to change the 2020 election outcome.

He is also under investigation by the New York Attorney-General's office for fraud.

A special counsel is also weighing up federal charges for Trump after he refused to return sensitive documents to the government once he left office.

He may also face charges for his role in the January 6 riots.

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