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NSW Circular launches new tool for councils



A new platform will help councils and communities to track their transition to zero waste.

The circular economy metrics platform was launched today by NSW Circular, the NSW government-funded body helping to deliver a zero-carbon circular economy in the state.

The platform has two new dashboards, including the Australian Circularity Benchmarks platform, a one-stop portal that will allow government, businesses and communities to track Australia’s progress to a circular economy.

It will provide open and transparent data and visualisations of circular economy benchmarks and will be updated as further benchmarks are evaluated and added.

The other new dashboard is the My Circular Community platform, which will have customised peer benchmarking reports for local councils to support and inform their circular economy programs, investment and procurement activities.

It can help councillors and local government teams to compare key waste management and recycling metrics and trends against peer councils and compare domestic waste management charges across councils.

NSW Circular will also provide a specific report to councils, and professionals working with councils, for their local government area.

CEO Lisa McLean said in a statement the circular economy is a “$2 trillion opportunity in Australia”.

“These metrics will help government, councils, industry and all of us track how we are progressing to unlock new business opportunities, jobs and investment.

“These metrics will help identify areas where waste can be used as a resource, how new emerging circular industries and jobs can be measured and help us all get on with building a strong zero-waste, zero-carbon circular future.”

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