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NRMA receiving ‘huge number of calls’ around COVID testing locations



NRMA’s Peter Khoury says they are receiving a “huge number of calls” around COVID testing locations where people are spending hours waiting in their cars.

“It’s basically down to effectively one of three things,” he told Sky News host Gary Hardgrave.

Mr Khoury said some people are running out of petrol because they end up being in queue for much longer than they planned, and others are running down their batteries.

“I think what a lot of people are doing are turning the engine off …, but then they’re running the ignition, so they’re running the fan, they’re running accessories, they’re charging their phones, that’s drying the battery,” he said.

The NRMA has also received callouts when engines have overheated due to a lack of oxygen because the car has been stationary for so long.

“Let’s be honest, people don’t normally spend five hours in traffic, so we’re there to go and help them, but if you don’t do any of those things, you should be ok.”

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