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Noise cameras could be introduced on Sydney roads to target reckless drivers



New noise cameras could be introduced on NSW roads to catch reckless drivers after a string of deadly crashes.

The security cameras are able to capture images of cars, including the licence plate, and how much noise the car has made.

The City of Bayside is pushing to give the new technology a go.

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"Council is very supportive of trialling the noise cameras," Bayside mayor Christina Curry said.

"We are prepared to try anything."

The noise camera trial was an election promise but there is no date for when it will get underway.

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The City of Bayside is pushing to use new noise activated cameras to target reckless drivers.

It is currently with the NSW Environment Protection Authority for consideration. 

The new technology has been rolled out in London with impressive results.

Multiple US states and Israel are already using, or are about to trial, the cameras.

It comes as NSW Police are cracking down on reckless young drivers by launching a blitz on Sydney roads after two recent crashes claimed young lives.

So far this year 241 people have died on NSW roads, marking a 33 per cent increase on the number of deaths recorded at the same time last year.

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