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New iPhone feature allowing sole traders to take tap-and-go



The move away from cash to a digital economy has been rapid here in Australia, escalating during COVID-19 as more people adopted smartphone technology.

It's now possible to store all your payment cards in a "Digital Wallet" and simply tap to pay in almost all retail environments.

Today, a new feature on iPhone for businesses could mean even fewer cash payments as anyone from a tradie to a market stall operator can now opt to use just an iPhone to accept tap-and-go payments.

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The system has launched today, known as Tap to Pay, with Westpac and payment platform Tyro the first to make the service available to their customers.

Small businesses can apply to accept payments via iPhone through those merchant businesses, and those payments can be made without the need for additional hardware – just an iPhone.

In an exclusive interview with, Apple's Vice President of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet Jennifer Bailey spoke of the shift away from cash.

"There are many small businesses in Australia, very small businesses that in some cases still only accept cash, because of the additional costs associated and the hassle, if you will, of acquiring that additional hardware and capability," Bailey says.

Australia is the third market to launch Tap to Pay despite the enormous uptake of digital payments here.

"Our iPhone customers and Apple Watch customers in Australia absolutely love Apple Pay, we see great usage," Bailey says.

"Australia is absolutely one of the leading markets for us on a global basis in terms of the adoption of Apple Pay and I think the customer satisfaction experience with it is just fantastic."

Apple's entry into the business payment market is set to be disruptive with modern startups like Square dominating the market with their combined App and Payment devices.

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Tap to Pay feature launches on iPhones helping small businesses accept payments

Tap to Pay with iPhone doesn't require additional devices, making it more affordable for businesses as an alternative option.

Payment technology provider Tyro is the first non-bank offering Tap to Pay with iPhone, with Australian payment startup Zeller joining soon.

The additional choice for business will drive competition in the market, in the end making tap and go payments with cards, phones and smartwatches the norm no matter what the business.

Bailey tells it was simplicity that drove this innovation.

"For the majority of businesses to accept contactless payments, they must purchase, setup and manage a separate device," she says.

"We know this, this can be a challenge, particularly for those running small to medium sized businesses who have the hassle of trying to keep additional hardware charged or experience issues with connectivity and the reliability of existing solutions, especially when on the move or out on the shop floor.

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Tap to Pay feature launches on iPhones helping small businesses accept payments

"So we thought, what if they didn't need a separate device to accept contactless payments? What if they could simply use the power of iPhone to securely and seamlessly accept contactless payments?"

With more businesses and sole traders accepting tap-and-go payments, Australia's advance toward a cashless future nears closer.

And Bailey confirms Apple sees that as part of the plan, saying "our goal is to replace the physical wallet".

"We know it's a long journey but we're making fantastic progress and especially in Australia where your country is actually one of the first to do health insurance cards and student IDs like we've just done with Monash.

"So the country's been a great adopter of digital wallet technology and we're really looking forward to continuing on, to enable you to leave your wallet at home as often as possible."

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