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New driving fines for Queenslanders from July 1



Queensland will introduce harsher penalties for driving offences from next month.

The state government is urging all motorists on Queensland roads to heed their safety message, after tens of thousands of people were caught without their seatbelts.

Almost 30,000 people were snapped without seatbelts or wearing them incorrectly in just six months to May this year, racking up almost $12 million in fines.

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Of those caught, some were spotted with babies on their laps, kids with belts around their heads and one man driving with his belt clipped into the passenger side.

From July 1, fines for incorrectly wearing a seatbelt will jump to over $1000 with drivers losing four demerit points.

Transport minister Mark Bailey said the move was a plea for drivers to take their safety more seriously.

"It's a pretty simple thing, to buckle up before you start the car," he said.

"I think some people refuse to think about what happens to the human body when there's a sudden, violent, crash.

"If you go off the road, a country road, without a seatbelt and the car rolls you're a goner."

Bailey said more people were caught without a seatbelt in the passenger seat than those driving.

Fines will still be enforced for those who are clicked into their seatbelt, but are wearing it incorrectly.

"We're not making any apologies for being tough on seatbelts," Bailey said.

"Across the stomach, over the shoulder, it's the easiest way to keep yourself safe if you have an accident," Andrew Mahon from the department of transport and main roads said.

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