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More opportunities for government to work with startups



The Victorian Government is working to make procurement pathways easier for local businesses.

LaunchVic, Victoria’s startup agency, has updated its CivVic program to give startups more opportunities to work with the government.

The CivVic program began in 2018 as a partnership with the Victorian Government’s Public Sector Innovation Fund.

As part of the changes, a Government Liaison Service will be provided to early-stage startups to help navigate procurement processes and develop valuable networks within government.

A new six-week pre-accelerator will also be introduced for early-stage startups to work with government to solve public sector challenges and pitch for seed funding.

The pre-accelerator will allow participants to create solutions to real-world challenges in areas such as public safety, circular economy and transport.

Participants will be supported through mentor networks and business building workshops.

Jaala Pulford, Minister for Innovation, Medical Research and the Digital Economy, said procurement is a crucial lever for government to fuel startup growth.

“The Victorian Government is focused on making procurement pathways easier for local businesses including startups to drive economic growth and ensure local jobs” she said in a statement.

“LaunchVic’s CivVic program provides an important platform for startups and government to learn from each other and importantly to find where valuable procurement opportunities may exist.”

Dr Kate Cornick, LaunchVic CEO, wants to give more startups the opportunity to work with the Victorian Government.

“We want to ensure that startups across the lifecycle, from the very earliest stages right through to established scaleups can receive tailored support in their interactions with the Victorian Government.”

About CivVic program

The CivVic program, established to provide startups with access to government procurement opportunities, has supported 38 Victorian startups.

LaunchVic helps develop the startup side of the program while the Department of Premier and Cabinet disseminates the program and products through the public service, meaning that startups won’t need to go through the procurement process.

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