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More human remains found as police investigate 2008 murder of Queensland father



More human remains have been found as police investigate the more than a decade-old unsolved murder of Queensland father Francis Foley.

Foley, who was known as Frank, disappeared from his home in the Reward Fossicking area near Rubyvale, around December 23, 2008.

Last year, a person fossicking for gems in Sheep Station Creek, which is about one kilometre downstream from Foley's home found human remains.

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Francis Foley 2008 murder in Reward Fossicking area, Queensland.

After forensic testing, the remains were identified as Foley's.

A renewed police search of the now-dry creek bed yesterday uncovered what are believed to be further human remains.

Police are set to forensically examine the findings to confirm their origin. while police have today been re-interviewing nearby residents.

The find comes as police yesterday announced the new offer of a $500,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a person or persons responsible for Foley's murder.

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Francis Foley 2008 murder in Reward Fossicking area, Queensland.Francis Foley 2008 murder in Reward Fossicking area, Queensland.

"Someone out there knows what happened to Foley and they now have 500,000 reasons to come forward and speak to police," Detective Senior Sergeant Tara Kentwell said yesterday.

Foley's son Shaun Charlton also yesterday made an impassioned plea for information on his father's killer.

"Please help me find my dad's killer and help my family find my father's killer," he said.

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