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Melissa Caddick's luxury Sydney home settles for nearly $10 million



Fraudster Melissa Caddick's luxury home in Sydney's affluent eastern suburbs has finally settled for nearly $10 million.

The Dover Heights property was purchased last October by a mystery buyer, and three months on the price tag has been revealed.

"The sale price of the property was $9.8 million, which we consider a good outcome given the current market conditions," Bruce Gleeson, Principal at Jones Partners, the receivers of Melissa Caddick and Liquidators of Maliver Pty Ltd, said.

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The five-bedroom, four-bathroom home features a double garage, pool and expansive views of Sydney's harbour.

It was hoped the sprawling mansion would sell for about $10 million, with the profits going to the victims of Caddick's fraud.

Last December Caddick's jewellery, artworks and other luxury items were sold off to repay her investors.

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Caddick's Dover Heights home has five bedrooms.

The collection of extensive high-end designer goods came to a total of $884,618 at the auction.

Gleeson said today liquidators had received the proceeds from this auction, plus funds and documents from Christian Dior Australia.

In December, the fashion house was ordered to relinquish more than $262,000 linked to Caddick.

Before Melissa Caddick disappeared in November 2020, the Sydney business woman ripped off more than 60 investors to the tune of $25 million dollars.

Caddick disappeared in November 2020, hours after the Australian Federal Police and Australian Securities and Investments Commission raided her Dover Heights home in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Three months later the 49-year-old's decomposing foot, encased in a running shoe, was found on Bournda Beach on the state's South Coast. She is presumed dead.

It is believed about 74 victims lost at least $23 million through Caddick's Ponzi scheme, over which she was set to face a string of charges. 

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