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Melbourne pensioner shares his money saving hacks ahead of winter



A Melbourne pensioner slashed his bills by more than 30 per cent by making a few simple changes and taking advantage of an incentive to earn bill credits from his energy provider.

David Slape, from Altona North, rugs up and is vigilant about turning off appliances and other devices at the wall when they're not in use.

"You still be sensible about it, you don't want to freeze," the 67-year-old told 9News.

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"When you're on a pension, every little bit does help and it's that satisfaction of having done it yourself."

The Salvation Army volunteer swears by short showers and has purchased an egg timer to limit them to four minutes each.

He's also part of AGL's Peak Rewards program, which notifies customers ahead of expected periods of high-demand on the grid and encourages them to switch off or scale back energy usage over that time.

"The target is not zero usage, it's 10 per cent less than your average," David said.

Customers can receive up to $10 in bill credits for each period of high demand, which typically runs between one and three hours.

Australians are being warned to brace for a nasty shock this winter.

Average bills are set to climb anywhere between $100 and $340, depending on circumstances, according to Canstar Blue's Editor-in-Chief Christine Seib.

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"Think a lot like your grandparents would have," she told 9News.

"Give up your long hot showers, throw on a jumper rather than putting on the heating."

Seib said there are also more modern ways to save.

"Consider getting a power board to look for standby energy use or even put in an energy monitoring system which helps tell you which things in your house are sucking the most energy."

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