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Melbourne man lists 'life-size' dinosaur for sale online for $60k



Are you an avid dinosaur enthusiast? Busting to add a prehistoric statement piece to your outdoor repertoire? Or maybe you just have a spare $60,000 and have no idea how to spend it.

If this sounds like you, there's a Melbourne man on Facebook Marketplace with a "unique opportunity".

For just a mere $58,000, you could be the lucky new owner of a life-sized, "first class" dinosaur model, over four metres tall.

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Facebook user Mark Jacobsen has listed the 19-metre-long, four-metre-high model online, which could be yours to take home today if the offer tickles your fancy.

"This authentic scale design is first class and is a unique opportunity to add this dinosaur 'Australotitan cooperensis' to your collection," Jacobsen writes in the ad.

"Only three have been released in Australia to date, one soon to be on display at the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra and the others based in Victoria Langwarrin.

"Here is your chance to secure your own Titanosaurus."

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The Australotitan cooperensis is an extinct sauropod that existed almost a hundred million years ago in what is now southern-central Queensland.

Jacobsen describes the sauropod as a "signature member of the family of dinosaurs known as Titanosaurus", which were the last sauropods to roam the earth before the K-T Extinction 65 million years ago.

If you're keen to take the giant home but are wondering how one travels with an almost 20-metre-long dinosaur replica, Jacobsen has you covered.

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The beast can be broken up into seven convenient pieces and delivery is even included in the price.

"Extra fees" do apply for installation, however. 

Check out the ad for yourself here. 

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