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Melbourne man finds alleged wallet thief using Bluetooth tracker



A Melbourne man has performed a citizen's arrest after he used a tiny Bluetooth tracker to find his allegedly stolen wallet last week.

Sam Fraser was working on a building site in Doncaster on March 7 when his wallet was allegedly taken.

The tradie was able to track down the suspect to the Pines Shopping Centre, where the alleged thief used his bank card to buy a lotto ticket.

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"I started getting notifications on my phone about purchases being made," Fraser told 9News.

"I ran over (to the shopping centre) and grabbed him.

"I ended up bear hugging him from the back and after 5-10 minutes, he sat on the ground.

"He was fighting me trying to get away."

The 33-year-old's licence and Medicare card were recovered after using the Tile tracking app to find where his wallet had been dumped.

"It was in the disabled bathroom in one of the bins," he said.

Devices like Apple AirTags, Samsung GalaxySmart Tags and Tiles are designed to ensure users don't lose items like keys or to track baggage while flying.

Darren Sanders has previously had his bike stolen and now uses Apple AirTags secured with anti-theft screws for extra security.

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The Bluetooth tracker sends out a secure signal that can be anonymously detected by any nearby device in Apple's Find My network, with the exact location popping up on a map.

"I have experienced it and seeing how prevalent it is, I thought it was an easy solution," he said.

"If I see it move, I can start to track it and call the police and they can help me recover the item."

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