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Meet the Minns: At home with the NSW Labor leader



It's less than three weeks until New South Wales voters head to the polls and the state's Labor leader is hoping they'll choose him for the top job.

In a wide-ranging interview, Chris Minns and his wife Anna spoke to Nine's Peter Overton about balancing family life and politics, and the "army" of support they lean on to make it happen.

The couple, along with their three sons, just moved into a new home in the middle of an election campaign.

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"Remarkably, it happened pretty smoothly," Minns told Overton.

"There's an army of people behind us as well, our mums, friends, lots of family support," Anna added.

When asked how they were feeling a few weeks out from election day, Anna admitted she was "tired".

"Feeling excited, 20 odd days to go, so I think we're ready but it's stressful and it's a full-on sort of endeavour," Minns said.

The Minns met through the Labor Party many years ago.

As for raising three boys and how they deal with dad's fame, it seems humour is the key.

Minns is the target of endless ribbing from his sons and at times, even his wife.

"Generally speaking, I guess it's a bit weird to have your dad – your dad's face – in people's front yards and on television, but more often than not they're unaffected and they'll always rib me," the Labor leader said.

"And talk up Dominic Perrottet whenever they get the chance – for some reason, one of them has got a real affinity for our premier."

Minns said his sons like to rib him about his public profile.

Minns' seat of Kogarah is one of the most marginal in the country, but he's convinced he'll hold onto it.

"We live here. Our kids go to school here," he said.

"This is our community, and we feel really passionate about our community."

The couple met through the Labor Party and while she's not a public figure in the same way Minns is, she's playing an essential role behind the scenes.

"If I've had a really tough interview – or something's gone bad – the first phone call I make is to Anna," Minns said.

"We've been together for so long – we've nearly spent more years together than we have apart – we met when we were young and almost it's a joint venture for us I think."

As for where Anna goes for support, she's found a friend in the first lady of Australia.

"Someone who I've become really good friends with lately is Jodie Haydon – she's Albo's partner and she gives really good advice."

Watch the full interview with Chris Minns and his family above.

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