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Mayor of Fairfield receives death threats ahead of state election



Death threats have been sent to the Mayor of Fairfield via email ahead of the upcoming state election, he has revealed in a Facebook post.

Frank Carbone took to Facebook to reveal that he had been sent multiple death threats after fighting against the resettlement of repatriated Islamic State brides in Fairfield.

"I have recently received a number of threats including the email below, which might be due to speculation that I am considering being a candidate at the upcoming State election, to be clear I haven't yet made that decision," he wrote.

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"These threats can be quite confronting both to me and my family and it is not what is expected or acceptable behaviour for serving our community.

"Regardless if people agree or disagree with my views, all leaders should be able to speak freely, represent and fight for their community, without being subjected to such threats.

"I won't change and will continue to speak up on all matters that are in the best interests of our community."

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He shared a photo of one of the threats that read "Frank Carbone, you will die soon what you have done to the Islamic Fighter bride are not forgivable, prepare your coffine [sic]."

Carbone said that the death threats "reassure" him that "standing up against tyrants" and fighting for democracy is an "important thing" that he will continue to do.

Fairfield is a suburb in western Sydney, 23 kilometres from Sydney's CBD.

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