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Masked teens sought over Melbourne crime spree



A gang of masked teens is believed to have carried out a number of robberies around Melbourne, targeting bottle shops and supermarkets.

CCTV shows the group at work in a bottle shop in Caulfield South, zipping in and out in a couple of minutes.

A worker hit the panic button but the thieves still took off with $5000 worth of stolen goods.

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A second piece of CCTV shows what is believed to be the same crew entering an IGA in Preston.

They left with $15,000 worth of cigarettes, again entering and leaving within a couple minutes.

Police believe the gang is responsible for hitting 14 supermarkets and bottle shops across the city in the past week.

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Melbourne crime teens

It's believed the teens may have been out on bail at the time.

Business owners have called on the government to make changes to the state's bail laws.

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