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‘Mark of devil’: Ipswich health worker’s bizarre exemption claim over covid jab



Court documents shine a light on the bizarre beliefs of a faction of Pentecostal, born again Christians who believe Covid-19 vaccines are a mark of the beast (devil). Health care worker Mthethomuhle Kazuva applied for the exemption on religious grounds before Ipswich’s Omicron surge in late 2021.At the time the Hospital and health Boards Act issued a health directive requiring all staff to get their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine before September 30, and the second by October 31. The dispute between Ms Kazuva and Queensland Health landed the parties before the Industrial Relations Commission where the radiologist failed to overturn the decision. The process began on December 22 when Ms Kazuva requested an interval review into why her exemption application was first refused and later outlined the following grounds on why she sought an appeal. “I have provided relevant supporting documents stating the Covid vaccine is not acceptable in my religion, one of the reasons is the use of aborted fetal cells as one of the many,” she stated. “When one chooses to abort that baby, it is 100 per cent against our belief and we cannot support the use of those aborted fetal cells in the production or testing of vaccines.“For me to take this vaccine, will mean apostasy to my religion. Losing my religion will impart me detrimentally and cause me to question my reason to continue living.”The court documents state that Ms Kazuva referred to several scriptures and how they related to her understanding of the Covid-19 vaccine.“The Bible has already warned us of something that will be injected into our body, which is known as the mark of the beast,” she stated.“The bible (also) warned us about things that will also happen at the end of times which is very consistent with the way people are now being caused to take the vaccine or you lose your job, etc.“The bible already warned us of… the pharmaceutical industry so when we see all that is happening, there is obviously great concern which has serious spiritual implications. “The choice I am being made to take these vaccine(s) by Queensland Health can result in my eternal damnation as my Christian faith has warned. “Our bodies belong to God. Therefore, I must be careful and be in alignment with the Word of God in whatever I do to my body.”Court documents state Ms Kazuva said she is not opposed to vaccines and had them in the past but her religious beliefs prohibited the use of Covid-19 vaccines. “(She said) there are new vaccines being developed which (she) does not have issues with and will be considered at the end of (her) current temporary six months medical exemption,” the document stated. A letter of support was submitted on Ms Kazuva’s behalf by her pastor. Christ Embassy Brisbane (almost known as LoveWorld) pastor John Shumba advised Ms Kazuva was indeed a member of his church and he strongly supported her.“The document from Christ Embassy Brisbane submitted … states that Christ Embassy Brisbane is neither ‘pro- nor anti the vaccine’ and that it is a matter of whether the government can authorise civil conscription.” The document’s state Ms Kazuva failed to lodge her appeal in the specified time frame and gave no explanation as to why it was delayed, so in order for her appeal to be considered a time extension would first have to be granted. “The 21-day time limit should not easily be dispensed with, and where it appears that the appellant has no, or very limited, prospects of success, the commission would not normally grant an extension of time,” the document states. “The (West Moreton Health) decision maker demonstrated consideration of (her) human rights, determining that any limitations to (her) human rights were reasonably justified have regard to the significant risk to the health and safety of healthcare workers, support staff, their families and the patients under their care. “The (vaccine health) directive provides that (QLD Health) must consider an application for an exemption, however it is not obliged to grant an exemption.“I consider that the appeal has very limited prospects of success.”The appeal was dismissed by the commission for “want of jurisdiction” on Tuesday, April 26 2022.

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