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Man tells how his dog mauled him, sister in 'horrifying' attack



An Adelaide man has told of the "horrifying" moment his dog latched onto his arm, leaving him seriously injured, before the pet also attacked his sister.

Clifford Newchurch's shar pei pit bill-cross attacked the pair at his family's home in Brompton on Tuesday.

The dog, named Colicchie, mauled Newchurch's arm after being "set off" by an argument occurring.

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"I thought I was going to lose my hand, that's how bad it was," Newchurch said.

"The way he was mauling on my arm, on my hand [it was] like he wanted more.

"I used the cigarette lighter to get him off of me, and my sister had to boil the kettle and put hot water on him to get him off of her."

Newchurch has had two surgeries on his arm and remains in a cast following the attack.

His sister, Stella, was also attacked by the dog and remains in Royal Adelaide Hospital.

She has undergone three surgeries on her arm after fears doctors would have to amputate.

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"I'm a 40-year-old man and it scared the sh** out of me," Newchurch said.

"I remember his eyes and his face, it was like an evil look"

Colicchie had been with the family for over eight years.

He has been surrendered to be put down following the attack.

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