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Man punched hole in wall, verbally abused victim



Joshua Cannon, 22, appeared via video link at the Geelong Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage, careless driving and driving while suspended. In December 2020, Cannon returned to his home address with his girlfriend, which appeared to frustrate his housemate. With an infant present, Cannon became verbally abusive towards the victim. When this escalated, Cannon punched a hole in the kitchen wall. His defence lawyer told the court that Cannon had been prevented from leaving the house to “release some anger” with a punching bag and had instead resorted to creating a hole in the wall. In July 2021, three months after his driver’s license was suspended, Cannon lost control of his vehicle in Corio, mounted a footpath and crashed into a brick garden bed. When police attended, he claimed that he did not realise his license was suspended. As part of the proceedings, the court heard Cannon has a lengthy criminal history and is currently serving a nine month imprisonment term for stabbing his ex-partner’s new boyfriend in November 2020. He pleaded guilty at the County Court of Victoria in March this year. The court was also told of Cannon’s sexual assault of a six-year-old girl at a Geelong primary school in July 2018. Cannon pleaded guilty and was placed on a good behaviour bond. In a summary read out by the prosecutor, the court was told that Cannon had work experience assisting the physical education department at the school. During a lunch break, he coerced the young girl into following him into the assembly hall where he took her on the stage and behind a curtain in an effort to conceal them both. NED-6371-Near-Death-Experience-BannerCannon pulled her tracksuit pants down to expose her underwear. As he touched the waistband with his fingers, the Year 1 student pulled her pants back up, ran off and hid somewhere in the hall. When she was eventually able to make it out of the assembly hall, the girl found a teacher and reported the offending. The then-18-year-old Cannon claimed that it was “f**king rubbish”. For the current offending, Magistrate Crisp suspended his license for 18 months and ordered that he pay a $1000 fine.

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