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Man fights off intruders with scooter after being stabbed in Queensland



A car has driven through the front of a house and a man has been stabbed during a home invasion in Queensland, after he fought off the intruders with a children's scooter.

Three men can be seen entering the Bahrs Scrub home in Logan on CCTV footage on Thursday, at 2.15pm. 

The homeowner's brother confronted the trio with a children's scooter after he received a notification from the home's security system that someone was in the house.

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He was allegedly stabbed in the abdomen during the confrontation but did not realise until later on.

The trio's getaway car, a Ford Ranger, then rammed through the living room wall as the trio struggled to get away from the homeowner's brother. The group then fled the home as a nearby witness ran to help.

Brett Huxstep attempted to record the group as they drove away and then attended to the man who was stabbed.

"The adrenaline was still going and then we noticed that he had been stabbed. We lifted up his shirt and went geez and started first aid and put pressure on it," he said.

"110 per cent (respect) to him, he just kept going at them. I suppose he thought he was fighting for his life.

"You hear about it, you see it on TV but you don't think it's going to happen to you, just around the corner on the job site."

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The man was taken to Logan Hospital with injuries to his liver and stomach. He's in a stable condition. 

A money box containing hundreds of dollars was one of the items stolen, it's believed to have belonged to a teenager who lived in the home.

A missing wall from the front of the home has been temporarily patched up by local tradies to provide the family with privacy following the invasion.

The family are currently too shaken to speak about the incident.

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