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Man blocks traffic grabbing fire extinguishers to fight truck blaze



A Sydney mechanic has come to the rescue of a truck driver who didn't realise his wheels had caught fire.

Jon Hutchen, from Taren Point in the city's south, noticed the problem as he drove along the M1 Motorway at Berowra on Tuesday afternoon.

Hutchen immediately pulled over and grabbed the driver from the cabin.

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"He was just literally in shock, he didn't know what to say," Hutchen said

With only a small fire extinguisher in the vehicle, the mechanic then flagged down several trucks to stop and help.

"Thank God the whole truck wasn't on fire, it was just the back wheels," he said.

"I stopped eight semis and pulled out all their fire extinguishers and contained it until the fireys got there.

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"I kind of caused all the traffic by stopping all the traffic trying to get fire extinguishers."

The move blocked traffic and caused delays from Berowra to Asquith but Hutchen said he was glad no one was hurt.

"I'm sorry to everyone that I blocked but if it didn't happen a family driving past could've been hurt," he said. 

"A big thank you to all the truckies that actually stopped.

"I'm just so glad no one got hurt and he (the truck driver) was able to get out and wasn't hurt."

Hutchen said he hoped to get in contact with the driver.

"I would like to know to know his name," he said.

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