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Local heroes save elderly man from house fire on drive home



Four local heroes, including a nurse and taxi driver, have saved an elderly man from a house fire during their drive home on the outskirts of Perth.

Amy and her mother were driving past the house in Bayswater on Wednesday night when she noticed the fire and pulled over immediately.

"I looked out the window and said 'oh my god, that house is on fire'… we phoned 000 and got out of the car," she told 6PR radio.

A taxi driver and a nurse pulled up to the house at the same time and the four of them got straight to action.

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"My mum and the taxi driver started looking around for a hose and were alerting the neighbours to try and put it out," she said.

"Me and the nurse were trying to look inside, find a point of entry to see if anyone was inside."

The roller door to the garage was open, so Amy and the nurse ran through to the back of the house, shouting out to find the owner.

They found an elderly man in the back of the house while smoked poured from the property.

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"He was so lucky that we found him, the house was full of smoke," she said.

The taxi driver found them and put the elderly man over his shoulder to carry him out.

"Wow, so if you hadn't been there… who knows what would have happened?" the radio hosts said.

"You probably don't see yourself as a hero, his family would recognise Amy, her mum and the taxi driver as heroes… you didn't just walk by." 

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