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Life-saving transplant weeks after stem cell donation left on tarmac



A six-year-old Queensland boy whose rare stem cell donation was left on the tarmac of a US airport has finally received his long-awaited bone marrow transplant.

Mateoh Eggletona genetic disorder, is recovering at the Queensland Children's Hospital after receiving the treatment today.

The transplant is the youngster's 10th treatment in the battle to save his life.

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"We had a rough start to the day but he pulled through and the transplant has been done," the six-year-old's mother Shalyn told 9News

"The doctors have told us to prepare for ICU and ventilators because his lungs won't cope, his hair will start falling out in the next few days, so it's just waiting now."

Shalyn also shared the news in Mateoh's Facebook support group, saying he now has a "new chance at life".

"To our donor we thank you for the ultimate gift of your bone marrow to potentially save my boy's life," the post said.

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Mateoh's chronic granulomatous disorder means his white blood cells are unable to fight off certain types of infections.

An additional syndrome causes his red blood cells to attack his body.

Mateoh and his mum will now have to wait two to three weeks to see if the transplant has worked or not.

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