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Liberal candidate Tina Ayyad target of vile smear campaign



A Liberal candidate has been targeted in a vile smear campaign about her Muslim faith 10 days out from the New South Wales election.

Holsworthy candidate Tina Ayyad has been the target of racist slogans after pamphlets made to look like official campaign material were distributed across the electorate.

Ayyad is a former school teacher, mother of three and wife to Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun.

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Ayyad told 9News she had been speaking to residents today and they had "been amazing".

"They have reassured me that they are not going to pay attention to such rubbish that is floating around," Ayyad said.

"They do condemn the racist material, racist propaganda that has been floating around.

"It is not right, it is not the Australian way, it doesn't belong in our community."

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Liberal candidate Tina Ayyad has been the target of racist smear campaign ahead of the NSW election.

9News spoke to residents in Barden Ridge who received the pamphlets.

Many said they were angry to see the nasty tactics being used in the campaign.

The Liberal Party told 9News it did not know who was behind it but had referred the material to the Australian Electoral Commission and NSW Police.

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