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Last-minute murder trial call explores 'other suspects'



Four people have been ordered to appear in court to examine a possible alternative theory behind a 71-year-old man's disappearance and presumed death.

Kylie So, 51, has been on trial in the NSW Supreme Court for more than three weeks after pleading not guilty to the murder of Robert Dickie.

She claims he left his property at Elong Elong, in the state's Central West, with other people, telling her he would return on the night of June 14, 2016.

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In 2020, So was extradited from New Zealand, where she had returned about two weeks after travelling to Dubbo and then to Dickie's 36-hectare property before his disappearance.

Justice Mark Ierace on Wednesday ordered several short-service subpoenas following information from police.

Crown prosecutor Liam Shaw told the court on Tuesday he had been informed late the night before about a potential "alternative hypothesis" and shared it with So's lawyers "as soon as I knew what it was".

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"It pertains to other suspects police investigated," he said.

Ierace ordered four people to come to court to give evidence, which is expected to happen on Monday.

Dickie disappeared while So was staying at his property and no trace of him has been detected alive or dead since.

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