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Just how easily snakes can flatten their body to slither into your home



A skin-crawling video has revealed just how easily snakes can slither their way into the tightest of spaces, including right under your seemingly closed front door.

Posting to TikTok, "The Snake Hunter" aka Mark Pelley has revealed a technique snakes use to flatten their bodies and creep their way under doors.

"I'm frequently asked how snakes enter the house, and I'm showing you exactly how," Pelley said.

Watch the shudder-inducing video above to see a snake in action.

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"Eastern brown snakes – even a large one like this – have the ability to flatten themselves out and gradually squeeze there way underneath an entrance door into the property.

"I frequently find them inside houses in Australia in summer."

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The video comes as authorities in the US search for the owner of a 4.3 metre reticulated python which was found lying on the side of the road in New York.

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