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Iconic Australian ice cream to shrink in size as cost of living bites



Australians who enjoy tucking into a Maxibon are about to get less bite for their buck, with the makers of the iconic ice cream announcing it will be shrinking in size.

The move comes amid the rising cost of living and increasing ingredient and production costs – although following the release of this month's consumer price index (CPI) data, Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the federal government was hopeful inflation had peaked.

In a post on its social media channels, Maxibon said it was being open and proactive in announcing its size change.

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"It's not news you'll want to cop, but we had to let you know first," it said.

"Tough times mean tough changes. And because of that, we've had to make the call to downsize our Maxibon a touch."

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The change will come into effect this month, although it was not revealed how much the size of the ice cream will be dropping by. The recommended retail price of the products will remain the same.

"From this month, you'll notice the changes, but our Maxibons will have the same taste you know and love," the company said.

"We're sure there's a few thoughts going through your head, so we thought we'd beat you to it."

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While some social media users did approve of the company's openness in announcing the shrink, others were less understanding, accusing it of unfairly prioritising profits.

The move is the latest case of "shrinkflation" – where companies reduce the size of their products without increasing the price, often in an attempt to mitigate rising supply and production costs without customers noticing a higher price tag.

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