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ICAC finds no corruption in Barilaro trade appointment



An investigation by the NSW corruption watchdog has failed to find any evidence of corruption in the appointment of John Barilaro to a senior overseas trade position.

John Barilaro

The ICAC launched an investigation last July into the former deputy premier, former trade minister Stuart Ayers and former senior public servant Amy Brown in relation to the appointment of a Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner to the Americas in 2021.

The investigation considered whether those individuals, or any other public official, acted dishonestly, breached public trust, exercised their official functions dishonestly or partially, or adversely affected the honest or impartial exercise of official functions.

“The investigation did not identify any evidence of corrupt conduct. As a result, the Commission has discontinued its investigation,” the ICAC said in a statement late on Monday.

The ICAC said it would not be taking any further action in relation to the matter or making any further comment.

A report by a parliamentary committee released in February this year found Mr Barilaro’s appointment had all the hallmarks of “jobs for the boys”.

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