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'I went nose in:' GPS leads Queensland driver into sand bog



A Queensland driver ended up in a sticky situation when his GPS led him onto a beach, where his car became bogged in the sand.

Chris Sharpe, 30, was on his way home from storm-chasing about 2am when he ended up stuck on the shoreline of Gold Coast's Miami Beach.

It was a grueling six-hour wait before he finally got help to pull his car free.

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On top of the inconvenience, Gold Coast Council handed the Mermaid Beach man a $770 parking fine over the incident.

"I was following a GPS and I was just trying to go back home," Sharpe told 9News.

"I just didn't realise, it was too soft and too late.

"I went nose in and couldn't get back out."

Thunderstorms can interrupt cell and satellite reception, meaning map applications and GPS navigators may not load properly, or give incorrect directions.

Sharpe chose to stay with his car – his "pride and joy" – throughout the ordeal.

"I worked pretty hard for it, saved up for it," he said. 

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