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Husband of Sydney stabbing victim says incident is 'a bit weird'



The husband of a woman allegedly stabbed at her doorstep in Sydney's eastern suburbs has told 9News that the incident is "a bit weird".

Police said Helen Coulston, 45, opened her front door to a man allegedly known to her before being stabbed at her Dover Heights doorstep on Monday afternoon.

Her husband, Walt Coulston, said his wife is doing as "well as you can expect" as she remains in hospital with a severe chest wound.

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Coulston spoke to 9News as he was returning home to his children with lunch.

"I've got to go give the kids lunch, sushi, they love it," he said.

He only agreed to speak about the incident after asking a journalist where her jacket was from.

"I have to ask you where you got your jacket from everyone likes it, it's obviously the most important thing happening, so if you tell me that, I'll tell you something," he said.

Coulston said the incident was "a bit weird" as the accused is allegedly known to the family.

"Could you imagine the person who was the best man at your wedding and the godfather to your daughter doing that?" Coulston said.

Walt Coulston, the victim's husband, speaks to the media following allegedly stabbing.

A man has since been charged with causing wounding or grievous bodily harm with intent to murder.

He was refused bail and will face court today.

'They were so brave, extremely brave'

Three builders have been praised for their actions after they heard Helen's screams and rushed to the scene to help her.

The men helped to disarm the alleged attacker before he fled but was later arrested by police.

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A property in Dover Heights

A neighbour witnessed the aftermath of the incident.

"My understanding was she opened the door because he was familiar to her," witness Marina Bassin said.

"There were three of them. They were so brave, extremely brave.

"She also was extremely brave, screaming for help."

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