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Hundreds wrongly hit with double demerits in seatbelt fine blunder



Hundreds of Queensland drivers have been incorrectly slogged with double demerit points for seatbelt-related offences, prompting an apology from the state's Transport Minister.

More than 1840 motorists were hit with double demerit points for approximately 2500 incorrectly issued seatbelt sanctions, copping four points rather than two. 

Transport officials confirmed that double demerit points should not have been given out for seatbelt offences in a statement to 9News Queensland on Thursday.

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Thousands of Queensland drivers incorrectly issued with double demerits over seatbelt fines

There are 626 drivers had their licenses suspended over the blunder, while 868 are serving good behaviour bonds when they shouldn't be.

Queensland's Transport Minister Mark Bailey said he was "very angry" over the bungle.

"This should never have happened. I am very sorry to every person who has been impacted by this," he said while addressing the media.

"This is our mistake and we will do everything we can to work with impacted people."

Bailey also said the Transport and Main Roads Department was seeking legal advice and would re-issue the incorrectly suspended licences.

A hotline has also been set up for drivers who were incorrectly fined. 

Thousand of drivers have been captured on the mobile phone and seatbelt cameras since their rollout in November 2021.

Fines for driving without a seatbelt can reach as high as $2000 and start at $1000. 

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