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Hundreds to gather and mourn victims of Gold Coast helicopter crash



Hundreds of people will gather in the Gold Coast to mourn the victims of the Sea World helicopter crash, which claimed the lives of four people.

Pilot Ash Jenkinson, British newlyweds Diane and Ron Hughes and Sydney woman Vanessa Tadros died in the crash on January 2.

Vigil organiser Chantal Clarke told Weekend Today the tragedy has left lasting impacts on everybody in the community.

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"It's had a huge impact on the community as a whole. Not just those who are directly involved," Clarke said.

"I think even people who weren't there at the time and saw that happen is horrible as it was, the rest of us have seen the images and it has affected a whole lot of people.

"We know that there were survivors from that accident. The trauma of that day must stay with them forever."

Multiple people were also injured in the horrific crash, including Melbourne mother Winnie de Silva, and her nine-year-old son Leon, who remain in hospital.

Nicholas Tadros, 10, was also critically injured but has improved after some serious scares.

His father Simon has been asking for prayers for his battling little boy, while grieving the loss of his wife, Vanessa, who died in the incident.

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Final pieces of Gold Coast helicopter crash wreckage retrieved as investigators piece together tragedy Ash Jenkinson Seaworld chopper crash pilot

Community members will gather near the rock pools at the Broadwater Parklands about 2pm.

"We are asking people for silence and just in their own way, to acknowledge the trauma and again, just acknowledge the fragility of life and how are we going to move forwards from this," Clarke said.

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