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Hundreds of Covid-19 cases active on Coast, infections soar interstate



On Thursday, Queensland announced 2222 new Covid-19 cases, which marked an increase of 633 on Wednesday’s numbers. 29 people were in hospital and none were in intensive care units (ICUs).Queensland government data shows of 8586 active cases at least 336 were on the Coast.It comes as Queensland has adopted new national guidelines around requirements for confirmed virus cases and close, casual and low risk contacts.NED-2253-Qld-active-Covid-case-locationsAnyone confirmed to have the coronavirus must isolate for seven days, have a negative rapid antigen test (RAT) on day six, monitor for symptoms for seven more days and repeat testing if symptoms continue, according to Queensland Health.Close contacts will be defined (except in exceptional circumstances) as a household contact of a confirmed case. A household contact is defined as someone who lives with a confirmed case or has spent more than four hours with them in a house, accommodation or care facility setting.Close contacts must isolate for seven days from the date of exposure to a confirmed case and have a negative RAT on day six. Symptomatic close contacts must get a (polymerase chain reaction test.Casual or low risk contacts who have been potentially exposed to a case, but who are at lower risk of infection, must monitor for symptoms, and only need to have a RAT or PCR test if symptoms occur.All contacts should wear a mask when outside their home, monitor symptoms and avoid visiting high risk settings, like aged care or hospitals, for 14 days after exposure.If a contact’s RAT is positive, it should be followed by a PCR test to confirm the result.NED-3269 Gold Coast Download Newsletter BannerOn Thursday, 90.58% of eligible Queenslanders aged 16 years and over had received there first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. 86.37% the eligible population were double-dosed.New South Wales has revealed a daily case record 21,151 new infections and six deaths on Friday, with 763 people in hospitals with the virus and 69 in ICUs. Victoria has a record 5919 new cases and seven Covid-19 deaths, with 428 people in hospital and 54 in follow Luke Mortimer

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