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How a health scare inspired Melbourne breakfast business



The Melbourne-based businessman who introduced the Anzac biscuit into the Indian market, says a health scare inspired his latest business success story.

I Am Company founder and entrepreneur Dhruv Deepak Saxena now says he wants to change breakfast habits across the world.

Since launching into the Australian market 18 months ago, Yog n Oats has recorded a 600 per cent revenue growth in the past year.

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Saxena told he was inspired to create the product after a health scare with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

And it was when he saw the impact his health scare had on his children, who were also skipping breakfast due to being "time-poor", that he worked to create a product that would help people on the go.

"I was living a fast-tracked life," he said.

"People are so time short, even my family are in a hurry and I had my own health issues as an executive who travelled a lot in my life.

"We saw an opportunity in the market and we have to make it big and successful in Australia."

He also introduced the Anzac biscuit into India and now sells $250 million worth of the product every year.

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Turning to his latest business venture, Saxena said he was excited to see the product hit more shelves in the coming months.

The breakfast snack is currently selling about 75,000 units a week and is rapidly expanding into supermarkets.

"So far – it has been phenomenal," he said.

"We doing well and there has been a significant amount of interests internationally."

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