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Here’s what you can expect with today’s Newcastle weather



Moist air with a dew point of 19.4 at 1pm today means the temperature will feel like 25.7 degrees making the day slightly humid. The relative humidity is 62 per cent.
The highest expected temperature today is 30, the same as yesterday’s max.
Today’s maximum is the highest the mercury will climb over the next seven days, according to the forecast.
The chance of rain today is 80 per cent.
Showers are less likely tomorrow with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a high (70 per cent) chance of rain.
The UV index is predicted to be 12. There is an extreme risk of harm from sun exposure. Unprotected skin can burn within minutes in today’s conditions. Experts suggest looking for shade and avoiding sun exposure around noon. General advice is to take all precautions such as using eye protection, sunscreen and covering up.
Winds will be east around 7 km/h in the morning shifting to south-southeast around 21 km/h in the afternoon.
Details for the next six days:
Monday, December 27: A few showers. Min – 19. Max – 24.
Tuesday, December 28: Possible shower. Min – 18. Max – 24.
Wednesday, December 29: Shower or two. Min – 17. Max – 25.
Thursday, December 30: Possible shower. Min – 18. Max – 26.
Friday, December 31: Possible shower. Min – 18. Max – 28.
Saturday, January 1: Possible shower. Min – 19. Max – 28.

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