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'Good luck to him': Recycler snapped with massive haul



A photo of a dedicated recycler on Sydney's Northern Beaches is making headlines after it was sent in to 2GB's Ben Fordham.

The image shows a man pushing a trolley laden with plastic bags full of cans, presumably destined for a return-and-earn recycling centre.

In NSW, the going rate is 10 cents per can, prompting Fordham to wonder what sort of payday the man was heading for.

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"I think this bloke is a record breaker," he said.

"I say good luck to him."

He acknowledged that some people might be uncomfortable about bin-combers picking through their rubbish, but pointed out that as the man was interested only in recycling bins, he was unlikely to stumble on any personal items.

You can listen to the full segment in the player above.

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