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'Get your facts straight': Welfare recipient's fiery on-air clash with Ben Fordham



2GB's Ben Fordham's call to an Melbourne man who attacked the Albanese government's JobSeeker raise as insufficient ended in a fiery clash after the radio host denied calling the man a "dole bludger".

Jez Heywood, president of the Australian Unemployed Workers Union, had previously said the JobSeeker increase had not relieved pressure on the unemployed, and that he was having to weigh every financial decision.

Fordham, after seeing Heywood's comments, suggested on air that he "weigh up getting a job".

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Fordham rang Heywood to speak with him on-air this morning.

Heywood said he had training in graphic design but was unable to find work.

"I have mental health issues, so my ability to work is greatly reduced," he said.

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"So it's hard to find things that, you know, my brain can handle.

"There's a lot of people out there looking for jobs and it's a really tough market."

He said he had been applying for jobs he was suited to and hearing nothing back.

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Fordham put out the call for employers looking for part-time graphic designers to consider Heywood – but things grew more heated when Fordham denied having referred to Heywood as a "dole bludger".

"You've got to get your facts straight," Fordham said.

"If you're going to apply for a job, you've got to make sure you've done your homework."

You can listen to their full conversation in the audio player above.

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