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Gang lords approved for interaction before knife attack



Corrective Services Minister Geoff Lee revealed two separate reviews were conducted following a May, 2020 incident that saw Brothers 4 Life boss Farhad Qaumi repeatedly stab triple murderer and gang leader Abuzar Sultani in a TV room. “The review was completed following the incident and found that officers acted appropriately,” Mr Lee told NewsLocal. “However, following the review, a series of additional cameras, as well as monitoring screens were rolled out.“Training of first responders and scenario-based protocols were also updated.”But questions have been raised as to why “two rival gang leaders were locked in a room together without supervision in the first place” with corrections sources asking whether officers should have seen disciplinary action. “This more looks like a planned cockfight in a locked room between two dangerous gang lords than a chance encounter,” the source said. NewsLocal can reveal the two inmates had been vetted and were approved for association within the High Risk Management Correctional Centre and it is understood association protocols have been amended following the incident.Corrective Services Commissioner Kevin Corcoran said the delay in response to the stabbing by initial officers “relates to a tactical decision made by first responders not to enter the yard with an armed inmate”.The commissioner said officers must wait until it was determined that “staff had the operational and tactical capability to ensure safe entry and gaining control”.“Officer is seen arriving on CCTV with expandable baton and then staff enter and gain control of situation and restore order,” he said. “All incidents are reviewed with local actions implemented to limit or mitigate reoccurrence — (the) High Risk Management Correctional Centre houses the most dangerous criminals in the state and the procedures reflect that.”A Corrective Services NSW spokeswoman told NewsLocal the department “take all incidences of violence in prisons seriously and are constantly reviewing our operations and procedures to minimise this risk”.“All inmate associations at the High Risk Management Correctional Centre are subject to a rigorous vetting process, including screening and intelligence checks, and approval is reviewed on an ongoing basis,” she said. “The association process is continually evaluated and updated. “Recommendations from a recent review continue to progress such as installing additional cameras and monitoring screens, enhanced lighting, scenario based first responder officer training and critical incident management training.”Opposition spokeswoman Tara Moriarty said “a significant security failure like this needs proper investigation”.“This entire incident raises serious concerns about security at Supermax,” she said. “The Government must release all information relating to any review or recommendations made in relation to this incident.”

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