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Functions of the Australian Government



The Australian government is one of the most influential in the world. As a sovereign country, the Australian government is responsible for the country’s economy. It is also responsible for maintaining its international relations. It is the sixth largest nation in the world and is home to many small islands, such as the island of Tasmania. However, Australia’s most well-known institutions are the federal and state governments. The following are some of the key functions of the Australian government.

The prime minister and cabinet are the most important decision-making groups of the executive branch of government. They work together to develop, implement, and enforce laws. The cabinet also represents Australia abroad and makes decisions on behalf of Australians. These roles are based on long-established practices, and are often difficult to determine. But by understanding the roles of the prime minister and the cabinet, you can better understand the functioning of the Australian government and the way it works.

The Prime Minister is the head of the Australian government, which elects the members of the parliament. He or she is the leader of the government. This position is responsible for all aspects of the country’s policymaking. But a Prime Minister can also select other government members for important positions. A member of the Cabinet is known as a minister, and is responsible for many aspects of running the country. In general, a new government is formed through a process of election and nomination.

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