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From talking ducks to scary croissants: 2021’s weirdest news



Here is our selection:There was only so long US Secret Service agents guarding Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner could hold on…Instead they had to use the toilet at Barack and Michelle Obama's nearby home.A woman in Quebec stopped by police walking a man on a leash during a coronavirus curfew insisted "she was walking her dog", which was permitted under the rules. South Korean officials issued a reminder to pregnant women to have enough pressed shirts, socks and underpants and frozen meals ready for their husbands when they are away in hospital giving birth.A Danish children's television show about the misadventures of a man with "the world's longest willy" went viral.- What the f… -US research found people who use profanities tend to be more intelligent, creative, honest and less likely to "engage in serious unethical behaviours".An Indian man declared dead after a motorcycle crash began to move on an autopsy table as doctors got ready to open him up.Yoshiro Mori resigned as Tokyo Olympics chief in February after the former premier declared that the trouble with women is… they talk too much.- We can see you… — In the mood for love -Pandas are not known for their stamina during love-making, but keepers at Beauval zoo said sparks flew when Yuan Zi got up close and personal with his young Chinese mate Huan Huan.A French man who asked his neighbour if he could loan him his saw "to get rid of a body" was arrested in March for the murder of his lodger.Taiwan pleaded with people to stop changing their name after scores changed theirs to "Salmon Prince" and "Salmon Fried Rice" to take advantage of an April sushi chain giveaway for people whose name contained the Chinese characters for the fish.US First Lady Jill Biden, a notorious prankster who once stuffed herself into an overhead locker on Air Force Two when her husband was vice president, disguised herself as a flight attendant on Air Force One to hand out ice cream to reporters on April Fools' Day.The reigning "Mrs World" was arrested after pulling the crown off the head of her successor as "Mrs Sri Lanka" and smashing her dressing room mirror after the ceremony in Colombo turned ugly.A Canadian lawmaker who appeared stark naked on a House of Commons Zoom conference call was caught on camera six weeks later peeing into a coffee cup during a virtual committee meeting.- Scary pastry — Life's a Bitche — Four weddings — What the duck! -Biologists said they can parrot human speech and even imitate the sound of a door closing. Kosovo surgeon Skender Telaku removed a mobile phone from the stomach of a prisoner without cutting him open after he swallowed it to hide it from prison guards.- Disappearing art — Minaj misses the ball — Lock me up, please -Police made the 30-year-old Albanian's day by jailing him.Scientists in Scotland have invented the DogPhone, which will allow bored Beagles or yappy Yorkies to call their owners for a chat anytime they feel the need. Never fear, the owners can always put them on paws….

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