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Fresh CCTV of shooting emerges as hunt for dad's killer continues



Fresh CCTV has emerged as the hunt for those responsible for the deadly shooting of a Sydney father continues.

Taha Sabbagh was shot and killed while sitting in his Mercedes outside the Elite Fight Force martial arts gym in Sefton in Sydney's south-west.

New video taken from Carlingford Street shows his 12-year-old son, wearing a red shirt, opening the gate and following the black car in.

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The alleged gunman, who had been waiting out the front for over an hour, waits 90 seconds before they jump out of a Mazda 3 that had been parked next to the gate.

Six shots are fired – three from the front windscreen and three through the driver's door – as Sabbagh's son watched on.

The gym's owner is still overseas but the gym has since reopened.

Sefton shooting victim Taha Sabbagh.Sabbagh's son, in red, opened the gate for his dad's black Mercedes moments before the shooting.

Police have been conducting investigations around Sabbagh's Greenacre home.

Officers are still investigating if the shooting may have been a case of mistaken identity, even though the victim is said to have mixed in underworld circles.

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