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Fourteen new cases discovered in NQ



The new cases bring the region’s tally to 62 cases of Covid-19. Townsville Hospital and Health Service Chief Executive Kieran Keyes said nine of the cases were locally acquired, with the other cases were interstate travellers, or acquired in another part of Queensland. “Of (all) the positive cases, six are inpatients of the Townsville University Hospital’s infectious diseases ward, which has been designated for positive COVID-19 patients,” Mr Keyes said. “The remaining confirmed 56 cases remain in their homes under the care of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service’s virtual ward.”On Tuesday, Townsville recorded 17 new cases of Covid-19. New exposure sites have not been listed yet, however Queensland Health today announced it would be listing fewer venues from now on. The government has also scrapped the need for PCR test when you enter Queensland from a interstate hotspot, changing it to a rapid antigen test. On Tuesday 1398 tests were performed across the Townsville Hospital and Health Service. Of these, 1301 were performed at our former 1300 Smiles testing site.As of 10am this morning, there was a more than four hour wait for testing at 1300SMILES stadium, and the wait at the new Murray Sporting Complex site was two to three hours.Yesterday, three new exposure sites were added, two for Peppers on Blue on Magnetic Island and one for Genesis Health and Fitness at Thuringowa Central. CHECK ALL OF TOWNSVILLE’S EXPOSURE SITES Mr Keyes said anyone with symptoms, no matter how mild, should get tested. “Community members located in our rural and remote sites can access testing through local pathology providers,” he said. The former 1300SMILES testing facility is open from 8am to 6pm every day, with no referral or appointment needed. On Wednesday, a facility at Murray Sporting Complex opened and will be operational until 3pm. What to do if you are … Casual contacts:> Must get tested immediately> Are required to quarantine until receiving a negative result> Are encouraged to wear a mask outside for 14 daysVaccinated close contacts:> Seven day quarantine with tests on day one and five> Continue precautionary measures such as wearing a mask> Vaccinated contacts in the household do not need to quarantine, but are required to get tested on day one and five> However, unvaccinated close contacts in the household must follow the same quarantine and testing requirements as the close contact, unless they’re able to be separatedUnvaccinated close contacts:> Must quarantine for 14 days> Tests immediately, as well as on days five and 12> For vaccinated contacts in the household, a quarantine period of seven days is required with a test on day one and five, unless it is possible to separate from the contact> Unvaccinated household contacts of close contacts need to follow the same requirements as the close contact – unless separated from the contactNAT – Stay Informed – Social

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