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Former NSW ambulance officer jailed for 1982 murder of his wife



A former ambulance officer has been jailed for 24 years over the murder of his wife who disappeared from an outback town four decades ago.

John Douglas Bowie is now facing the prospect of spending the rest of his life in jail for killing Roxlyn in 1982, after being handed a non-parole period of 18 years.

The 72-year-old always denied any involvement in the disappearance of his then 31-year-old wife from their home in the northern NSW town of Walgett on or around June 5, 1982.

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But last October a jury took just four hours to find Bowie guilty of the murder of his first wife.

During the murder trial the Crown argued Bowie's motivation for the murder was a desire to have an unfettered relationship with another woman living in Sydney.

Prosecutors alleged Bowie forced Roxlyn to pen two letters saying she had left her husband and children, and then killed her afterwards.

The trial also heard from Bowie's daughter, Brenda Boyd – who was was aged six at the time her mother vanished.

She told the jury that when she asked where her mother was on the Sunday morning her father told her he had found a note.

"He said she was sorry and she had to leave and he didn't know where she was," she testified.

Roxlyn's remains have never been found despite extensive searches.

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