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Fireball erupts after drones destroyed by Russian warship



The Russian Defence Ministry said Ukraine launched an unsuccessful drone attack on one of its Black Sea reconnaissance ships.

Footage released by the ministry showed the maritime drone dodging gun fire before exploding in a massive fireball on Wednesday.

A Russian military spokespoerson said three unmanned maritime craft were involved in the attack but were destroyed by a warship guarding gas pipelines in Turkey's economic zone.

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"The Ukrainian Armed Forces unsuccessfully tried to attack with three unmanned boats the Black Sea Fleet's Ivan Khurs ship, which performs the tasks of ensuring the safety of the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream gas pipelines in the economic zone of Turkey," Lieutentant-General Igor Konashenkov said in a briefing.

"All the enemy's boats were destroyed by fire from the Russian ship's regular weapons 140kms northeast of the Bosporus," he added.

The Russian Defence Ministry said the reconnaissance ship had returned to its normal tasks on Wednesday.

Ukraine has not commented on the incident.

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Russian warships have been a regular target for Ukrainian forces since the war broke out in February 24 last year.

In May, 2022, the Russian navy's Black Sea flagship Moskva sunk after being struck by at least one Ukrainian anti-ship missile.

Meanwhile, US officials have picked up chatter among Ukrainian officials blaming each other for a drone attack on the Kremlin earlier this month, contributing to a US assessment that a Ukrainian group may have been responsible, sources familiar with the intelligence told CNN.

The intercepts include some members of Ukraine's military and intelligence bureaucracy speculating that Ukrainian special operations forces conducted the operation.

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The chatter, combined with other intercepted communications of Russian officials blaming Ukraine for the attack and wondering how it happened, has led US officials to consider the possibility that a Ukrainian group was behind the incident on May 3.

On that morning, two drones flew up toward the Kremlin's Senate Palace and struck the top of the building.

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