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Fire sparked by EV battery destroys five cars at Sydney Airport



Five cars were destroyed in a fire at Sydney Airport overnight after a luxury electric car's lithium-ion battery caught alight.

The car burst into flames before the blaze spread to four other vehicles in a parking lot on Airport Drive in Mascot around 8.30pm.

A lithium-ion battery that had been detached from the luxury car and stored in the lot was the cause of the blaze, Fire and Rescue NSW determined today.

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FRNSW and the Aviation Rescue Firefighting Service worked together to extinguish the fire.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing´╗┐ as researchers from FRNSW's Safety of Alternative and Renewable Energy Technologies team inspect the aftermath of the blaze.

"These insights will assist (the team) in continually developing best practice for emergency response to lithium-related fires, and informing industry on how to manage the risks associated with emerging technologies," FRNSW said in a statement.

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