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Family left shaken after shed erupted into a fireball



A South Australian family have been left shaken after a suspicious blaze destroyed their shed in Adelaide.

The shed erupted into a fireball behind a home on Astrid Street in Christie Downs, about 9.15pm last night.

Eight people were in harm's way with neighbours raising the alarm and frantically yelling for those inside to get out.

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Adelaide shed fire in Christie Downs

"It was chaos," resident of the property, Denise Thompson told 9News.

"Bangs going up in the air and everything exploding."

A group of people were inside the home when the shed went up in flames, grabbing whatever they could to douse the flames.

"I went through all the doors telling everyone to get out the house, it was on fire. My sister came out with a garden hose. (I) got the fire extinguishers and started putting it out."

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One person was taken to hospital with minor burns, while another was treated for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters worked to stop the blaze spreading to the home.

One of the residents was in a separate shed at the back of the property when the fire broke out, with the flames blocking her only exit.

She was rescued by a neighbour, who pulled her over the fence to safety.

Adelaide shed fire in Christie Downs

"Thank you so much, I don't know what we would've done if she didn't survive," Thompson said.

The residents today sifted through the charred mess, to recover what little remained.

Police are now investigating the cause of fire, which they have deemed suspicious.

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