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Escaped pet monkey shot after ripping US woman's ear in half



An escaped pet monkey has been shot after it ripped a woman's ear in half in the United States.

Brittany Parker told a local reporter in Oklaholma she was sitting on her couch when the monkey launched at her front porch and tried to rip the door handle off so she called police.

"I looked out the window and saw a monkey looking at me," Parker told Oklahola's local news service KOKH.

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"He crawled, jumped up my back, grabbed handfuls of hair and just ripped it out.

"Then just ripped my ear almost completely off of my head."

The monkey ran away after the attack.

Parker said she can't work due to attack and would need plastic surgery.

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Brittany Parker was attacked by a pet monkey in Oklaholma.

Dickson Police Chief Tim Duncan said as they were looking for the primate when two shots were fired.

"A family member of the victim had shot the primate."

Locals told reporters the pet monkey was named Jack.

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